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piątek, 23 sierpnia 2013

Sleeping Dogs Money Cheat (HK Generator)

Sleeping Dogs in 2012 became one of the best games of the year. Right now, if someone play in Sleeping Dogs, he do this mainly for fun. Sleeping Dogs offers to players many kind of stuff, which can be buy thank to special value HK (for example clothing, cars and other vehicles). We can earn HK by making missions, racing, bets or using this application. Sleeping Dogs Money Cheat (HK Generator) is simple software, which allows players to add HK to their budget in game. It doesn't matter did You finished main storyline or did you just begin the game. Now it's time for the instruction of use. First you'll need to type directly address of HKShip.exe, for example: D/Program Files/Sleeping Dogs/HkShip.exe. After that type the amount of HK (ATTENTION! Don't add too much HK, because if you do this game can crash) and click on button on the right. If You do this correctly, program will start working.

How to download?:
First, click in ,,Download" button. After that you'll see a few simple surveys. Choose one and complete it, to unlock the downloading.

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